Izzah Learning Center & Being Me 


Qur'aan Competition 2020



Assalaamu alaykum dear Ottawa Muslim community, Izzah Learning Center and Being Me are holding a Qur'aan Competition upcoming in April.

We will have a category for hifth (memorization) OR Tilawah (open book recitation) to encourage everyone to participate. Do not feel discouraged or shy. Let us compete in good deeds!

Although everyone is a winner & will be granted better rewards by Allah (swt), valuable prizes will be awarded to the top 3 contestants in each level.  High end prizes will be rewarded to the winners in the Hifth category, as it requires more dedication and commitment. Winners of the Tilawah category will still be rewarded prizes. 


  • Participants must choose either Hifth (memorization) or Tilawah (recitation) 

  • Participation open to boys/girls ages 5 to 12 and sisters only ages 13+

  • Levels (children 5 to 12 boys/girls): 

  1. Juzu Amma - Hifth 

  2. Juzu Tabarak - Hifth 

  3. Juzu Amma & Tabarak - Hifth 

  4. Juzu Amma - Tilawah

  5. Juzu Tabarak - Tilawah

  6. Juzu Amma & Tabarak - Tilawah 

  • Levels (sisters 13+): 

  1. Juzu Amma & Tabarak - Hifth 

  2. Juzu Ammah & Tabarak & Mujadalah (3 Juzu)- Hifth 

  3. Juzu Amma to Al-Ahqaaf (5 Juzu) - Hifth 

  4. Juzu Amma & Tabarak - Tilawah

  5. Juzu Ammah & Tabarak & Mujadalah (3 Juzu)- Tilawah

  6. Juzu Amma to Al-Ahqaaf (5 Juzu) - Tilawah

  • Participants will be evaluated on correct/clear articulation of letters, consistent/correct application of character (sifaat of letters such as Qalqalah, Rakhawah, Tawasut), consistent/correct application of rules of Tajweed (madd, ghunnah, wafq/stopping rules) as well as memorization (for Hifth category). 

  • Participants in the Tilawah category will be provided a mushaf.

  • First Round (screening) @ Izzah Center

    • Children (5 - 12 years boys/girls) Friday April 10 from 3pm - 6pm

    •  Sisters (13+) April 13 from 10am - 1pm 

  • Deadline to register Thursday April 9 (online registrations only )


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