Izzah Learning Center is a non-profit organization in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, aimed towards developing proficient and excellent reciters of the Noble Qur'aan.


The center was founded in May 2013 by students of Sheikha Umm Abdallah Azizah Hafez, who has Ijaza in multiple qiraa’at (types of recitations) of which, one is from Sheikh. Ibrahim Al-Akhdar, the Imam of reciters in Madinah. Sheikha's students were inspired to open a center that would create a welcoming and comfortable environment for women and children to learn the art & science of Qur'aan recitation through Tajweed/Tilawah as well as support and encourage Hifth/memorization of Qur'aan. Izzah Learning Center is open to women, youth, and children.

The word "Izzah" means to dignity/strength/power and we believe that our center strives to develop strong and skilled reciters of the Qur'aan, and that dignity and nobility comes from loving and living the teaching of Qur'aan. With our small class sizes, students are able to grasp the knowledge more effectively and are provided with more opportunities to have one on one time with teachers.


We are dedicated to the teaching and memorization of the Noble Qur'aan for women, youth, and children according to the recitation of Hafs from ‘Asim and with Sanad. 

what is
an Ijaza
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Develop skilled and talented reciters of the Qur’aan

Be amongst the leaders in Qur'aanic Education


Foster excellence/Itqaan in recitation


Nurture reciters with ethics and values ​​of the Qur’aan to be reflected in their lives, their families and Canadian society


Develop proficient/skilled Qur’aan teachers


Support youth to invest time into what benefits them in this world & hereafter


Dedicated, professional, effective teachers using visual aids to enhance learning


Emphasis on Tajweed & Tilawah before Hifth/memorization 


Comfortable & well-equipped classrooms


Open 7 days a week with various sessions


Small class sizes


All levels: beginner, intermediate , advanced


Spiritual, recreational, social, educational events/workshops/activities for women, youth, and children

Train & develop female teachers/mentors