Samaa & Hoor Yacout  - 10 Years


Recently completed Nooraniyyah and part of Juzu Amma with Ustatha Safa Sheikh Din, may Allah reward her immensely for her patience and energy with very young reciters. 

Salman Abi  - 7 Years


last Ramadhaan completed Nooraniyyah and now memorized most of Juzu Amma and can recite and understand rulings of other verses such as Ayat AlKursi.

Juzu Tabarak Group


Sr. Hajar Essemlali has done an amazing job with them, even challenging them to memorize with page numbers. The children range from ages 7 to 13 years, and yes age gap is irrelevant for reciting the Qur'aan or Islamic learning. The young respect the elder students, and elder students are humbled in presence of young.

Daniah KhanArtist Name
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Read, Rise, Begin your Journey! 

We share with you some of the work our children, some as young as 7 years, are capable of when we provide them with a comfortable learning environment and raise our expectations of them. Qur’aan is first of the Islamic Sciences recommended to learn, as advised by our predecessors, and when our youth and children learn to be patient and persevere as they learn Tajweed concepts, write the Surahs, analyze the rules, and sharpen their memorization skills, inshaa Allah we hope they will continue to do so with other areas of Islamic learning, as well as learning of any subject in general.  

Daniah Khan - 7 years


Daniah has been with Izzah since she was 5 years old. She is an excellent student and has memorized Juzu Tabarak this year. 

Rakan ElghiraniArtist Name
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Rakan Elghirani - 10 years 


Rakan has taken classes at Izzah for at least 2 years, but his recitation has improved tremendously this year. He also enjoys the Tafseer class along with the recitation class. 

Batoul AlHussein (15 years) & Sidrah AlHussein (14 years)


2 young sisters from Syria, Batoul AlHussein (grade 10) & Sidra AlHussein (Grade 9) in IB program, speaking 3 languages while keeping up their commitment to studying Qur’aan every Sunday. They were too shy to share a video, may Allah (swt) preserve their hayaa’/modesty! They are truly examples for our young sisters to strive for best in this life and hereafter, may Allah (swt) protect them and keep them steadfast on the right path of Islam. 

Batoul AlHussein
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Sidrah AlHussein
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Izzah Students' Writings of Verses & Analyzing Rules of Tajweed 

to Strengthen Reading Skills and Develop Fluency in Recitation