Izzah - T (ages 14)

A special program offered on the weekends for our young sisters' ages 14 to 17.

We strive to develop their interest in learning Islam and understanding its teachings. The program aims to instill the love of Allah (swt) & His messenger (saw) and increase commitment to living Islam despite the present-day challenges facing young Muslim sisters.

Izzah-T is a year-long program beginning in September to June, except a month break for Ramadan.  

The program runs on Fridays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm and the cost are $30.00 per month.

Below are some of the topics and activities covered in Izzah-T program: 

  • Islamic Studies related to correct beliefs/Aqeedah, pillars of faith and Islam, 40 Hadith Nawawi.  

  • Increase spirituality through reflections, discussions, and open questions on topics related to Emaan/faith

  • Recreational and social activities to develop friendships and strengthen sisterhood. 

  • Character and personal development (public speaking, guest speakers, workshops on relationships, education, healthy living, financial literacy, etc.)

  • Other activities (light cooking/baking, arts & crafts, sewing, etc.) 

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