Stage 3


Course description


Once students have mastered the correct pronunciation and rules of Tajweed and demonstrated independence and fluency in reading Qur'aan, they are now ready for Hifth/memorization of the Noble Qur'aan and are capable of

maintaining and constantly improving their Tajweed/Tilawah skills.

In this course, students with teacher's mentorship independently prepare assigned surah/ayaat and present them to teacher from memory and teacher will do the evaluation. The teacher may recite for the student (Talqeen) if needed to ensure the quality of recitation is maintained and review rules when necessary


Teachers will assess students on a weekly basis (during each recitation) and provide them with informal feedback using Tajweed and Memorization mark on the Qur’aan. Each term, there will be two formal evaluations (midterm & final) on memorization and Tajweed. To pass the recitation/memorization courses and receive a certificate, students must earn a minimum of 80% in each category (Tajweed & Hifth).

Prerequisite Course:

Successful completion of Courses 1 & Course 2.



Mus-haf (to be used throughout recitation)
Please use the following sites to help you with practicing correct recitation: or


download Ayat app from the following link and select Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Akhdar. 

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