Stage 2 Talqeen & Tilawah

Reading and Recitation

Course Description/Content

Upon completion of the Nooraniyah foundation class, or successfully passing an evaluation, students move on to reading and recitation stage 2 starting with Juzu' Amma (Juzu' 30), often beginning from Surah An-Nabaa' to avoid reliance on memory, as most students had memorized short surah/end of Juzu Amma. The goals of stage 2 classes are to strengthen reading abilities and increase fluency and consistency in applying Tajweed & Tilawah principles. Some students may need to continue with stage 2 until they become more independent and fluent reciters. Some students may be encouraged to focus on open book reading only as it may be difficult to manage memorization with Tajweed as a beginner. 


In this course, students will focus on recitation while applying Tajweed & Tilawah skills learnt in the Nooraniyyah stage. The focus is on open book recitation more than memorization, unless the student is capable of both simultaneously.

Students will cover

  • The teacher will write surah/ayat on board (adult students will be provided with copies of surahs without 
    any symbols/vowels) then analyze all Tajweed rules and concepts to help students strengthen their understanding and application of Tajweed.

  • The teacher then demonstrates the proper recitation of assigned surah/ayat, then allows students to recite in class before practicing at home to recite next class.



Teachers will assess students on a regular basis (during each lesson) and provide them with informal feedback. However, there will be midterm and final assessments on the lessons covered.


Prerequisite Course: Stage 1 (Nooraniyyah)



Please use the following sites to help with practicing correct recitation, and select Sheikh Ibrahim AlAkhdhar. or


download Ayat app from the following link and select Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Akhdar.


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