Stage 1 Nooraniyyah (Foundation)

Course Description/Content



This course focuses on the recognition of letters, the proper pronunciation of letters, characteristics of letters, and major rules of Tajweed and principles of Tilawah through extensive in-class practise and mentoring from the classroom teacher. It is highly recommended for all levels but mandatory for beginners & children.


In the first part of the course, students will cover Lesson 1 to Lesson 6 of Nooraniyyah:


  1. Correct names of letters

  2. Proper articulation of letters (Makharij/articulation points)

  3. Recognize letters in different positions with special focus on Qur’aanic script

  4. Recognize heavy (tafkheem) and light letters (tarqeeq), the basic rule of Raa

  5. Proper length & mechanism of three short vowels (fat-haa, kasrah, dhammah)

  6. Tanween (fat-hatan, kasratan dhammatan)


In the second part of the course, students will cover Lesson 7 to Lesson 11 of Nooraniyyah:


  1. Alif Sagheera, waaw sagheera, yaa sagheera (madd silah sughra)

  2. Three letters of madd (long vowels) and two letters of leen (waa & yaa)

  3. Madd waajib Muttasil (5x)

  4. Hamzat Alwasl (pronunciation in middle vs. beginning)

  5. Sukoon and sifaat/characteristics of letters (hams, rakhawah, qalqalah, ghunnah, tafkheem, etc.)

  6. Rules for waqf (stopping) of recitation are practiced extensively

  7. Rules of ghunnah, raa saakin, madd jaa’iz munfasil, two saakin, hamzat alwasl


In last part of courses, students will cover Lesson 12 to Lesson 17 of Nooraniyyah:


  1. Introduction into the concept of Shaddah

  2. Practice on shaddah, shaddah and sukoon, two consecutive shaddahs

  3. Madd lazim (6 counts)

  4. Rules Allah’s name (heavy vs. light),

  5. Rules of meem saakin (ghunnah)


Prerequisite Course: None.




Nooraniyyah Book, course handouts, folder.




  • Teachers will assess students on a regular basis (after each lesson) and provide them with formal feedback

  • There will be three formal evaluations (Lessons 1 to 6; Lessons 7 to 11; and Lessons 12 to 17)

  • There will be a final evaluation of all concepts. 7

  • Teachers will provide recommendations for each student depending on final evaluation results, either to move forward to Qur’aan or repeat from a particular lesson

  • Minimum mark required to pass the course is 70%, students who miss 20% of course risk not passing course.

  • Successful completion, of course, depends highly on regular attendance, punctuality, class participation and practice at home.

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